Cathodic Protection and Winding Services

Gulf electrical has the long successful record in the field of cathodic protection.
Our work execution at Burgan oil field in KOC is a fine example depicting our skilful expertise. Our Gulf Electrical Engineering is an accompany of Sound financial standing with extensive experience in all aspect of cathodic protection on all types of structures and has the long successful record.

Our stalwarts are having the ability to do anything and everything in scheduled time. Our expertise in the field of material selection, design and detailed engineering and experience in commissioning make us prominent in this challenging field. That is the reason we are able to provide best services in maintenance. Construction field as well.

By our best services we have achieved second to none in this world. We feel very proud upon this and determined to yield good services forever.

Rewinding Division

At our Rewinding Section, quality is of utmost importance. We conduct thorough inspections at every stage of the job, from the moment it enters the workshop until the final testing of the fully assembled motor, generator, or transformer. Our commitment to meeting set standards and exceeding the client's requirements ensures that we deliver a quality product to our customers. Additionally, we specialize in rewinding induction motors up to the rated voltage and also offer services for rewinding DC motors and generator's rotor, stator, and field coils, among other things.

Our expertise extends beyond just rewinding, as we are well-equipped to handle the maintenance and overhaul of induction motors up to 13.8 KV rating, DC motors, and generators. Over the years, we have successfully completed numerous projects for clients in the Oil and Gas sector, as well as other ministries in Kuwait.

At the heart of our Rewinding Section is our goal to achieve client satisfaction. We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients by delivering quality workmanship and exceptional service.



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