Sultan Asad Sultan
( Chairman )

It gives me immense pleasure to appreciate gulf Electrical Engineering Company in maintaining the standards and practices par excellence in its every set of function ranging from Electrical, Instrumentation and Rewinding works to corporate development, the resolute approach to keep up with market uncertainties, technological advancements and unforeseen risks have been tremendously surpassed with matured means and well engineered practices.

The whole credit to attain these levels of excellences goes to every employee of GEEC whose efforts and hard work have been the major source to make the unbelievable happen through "Team Work". The more grow, the more we become committed to the set goals of the company.

While we take pride regarding our achievements thus far, a lot more needs to be accomplished, more targets to be surpassed and bigger challenges to be met. With a staunch faith in our abilities let us remain committed as ever to customer's satisfaction, engineering excellence, safety adherence and employee satisfaction.

Our assets are the "Customers" and "Employees". I wish you a great future.